In-Mall Activation

We love In-Mall Activation. We go loud and we go big.

Mall Activations are the ideal way to introduce new ideas and products to a large group of people, all of whom already have purchasing on their mind. The experiential techniques of mall activations boost customer engagement levels and prolong their interest time and investment in your brand. Mall activations provide the perfect occasion for the customer to spend quality time interacting with your brand and learn the benefits of the featured product.

We incorporate unique and creative concepts in creating tailor-made mall installations for each of our partners, making sure the sales representatives you have chosen are specialists in your product and serve as brand ambassadors with customer-action in mind.

For a bigger impact and as part of our ongoing long-term strategy with each of our clients, our in-mall activations triggers the brand within a large group of potential consumers, which will feed more traffic into the in-store activation.

Take a look at some our recent In-Mall Activations below.